Input.GetAxis won't start working properly.

So I’ve had this bugging me for a while. I’ve tried to get my CharacterController working. It kind of works, it moves, but it never stops.

After Debug.Log it shows the following.
Vertical and Horizontal movement return values ‘1’ and ‘-1’, even if I don’t press a single key in my keyboard, so the character walks 45 degrees to left.
Then again if I press S or D, it changes the values to opposite, so the values change right on press, but it never returns value 0.

I’ll show few examples of the situation.

Code: Screenshot by Lightshot

Input Settings(Horizontal): Screenshot by Lightshot

Input Settings(Vertical): Screenshot by Lightshot

I’m using Logitech G510 with Logitech gaming software as driver. Does that interfere with the program?

Does upping the ‘Dead’ value for the axes solve this problem?

Edit > Project Setting > Input