Input.getJoystickNames not updating when joysticks are unplugged

I want to set up a simple system to check if any of the joysticks get unplugged, so that it can automatically pause the game to give players a chance to plug back in without getting left behind by the others.

The problem is, once a joystick is plugged in, Input.getJoystickNames seems to have it permanently in the array. It never gets emptied when it’s no longer plugged in.

I’m testing with a Steam Controller, so it shows up as “Controller (XBOX 360 For Windows)”.

Once it’s plugged in, it fills in index 0 of getJoystickNames, but once it’s unplugged, index 0 STILL contains the string “Controller (XBOX 360 For Windows)”.

As far as I understand from the documentation, it’s supposed to become an empty slot when a joystick is unplugged. So is there some way to force getJoystickNames to update?

Sorry, dude!!! Did you find a solution to that?