Input.GetKeyDown doesnt work with certain key combinations

So I am build an action game and some times I need to press “c” while holding “d” and "x’, however, I found that if I hold “x” with “w”/“s”/“e”/“d”, GetKeyDown(“c”) will not fire.

Anyone knows why??

code is simply like:

void Update()
if (Input.GetKeyDown(“c”))

And I tried holding different keys and press “c”.

Thank you!

This sounds like a hardware issue. None mechanical keyboards have a limit to how many/what combination of keys can be pressed at a time, because not all keys have a dedicated switch to read their input. I believe this is called Rollover to fix this I would get a mechanical keyboard. Though using none standard key combos is not advised in the first place. There is a reason ctrl/shift are used for key combos. Other wise use a different key that is not on the same circuit as ‘x’.