Input.inputString not detecting mouse action?


well I’m making a Input Manager… I’m on the GUI, and I want to set the values by clicking a button and saving the next movement…

So, I use Input.inputString, the problem is that when I click on anywhere, the inputString returns a null value, is there any other variables that returns the mouse values?

		public static Dictionary<string, KeyCode> inputMap;


		inputMap = new Dictionary<string, KeyCode>();	

                tempInputMap.Add("Fire1", (KeyCode)System.Enum.Parse(typeof(KeyCode), "Mouse0")); //Charges those values with a for cicle extracted from a file

		tempInputMap.Add("Fire2", (KeyCode)System.Enum.Parse(typeof(KeyCode), "Mouse0")); //Charges those values with a for cicle extracted from a file

		tempInputMap.Add("Fire3", (KeyCode)System.Enum.Parse(typeof(KeyCode), "Mouse0")); //Charges those values with a for cicle extracted from a file


			foreach(KeyValuePair<string, KeyCode> input in tempInputMap) {
				string strInputValue = Enum.GetName(typeof(KeyCode), input.Value);
				GUI.Label(new Rect(10, 50*i+5, 500-30-100-100, 40), input.Key, labelCentered);
				if(GUI.Button(new Rect(500-20-100-100, 50*i+5, 100, 40), strInputValue) && !tempInputMap.ContainsValue(KeyCode.None)) {
					tempInputMap[input.Key] = KeyCode.None;
				} else if(tempInputMap.ContainsValue(KeyCode.None) && Input.anyKey) {
					string[] SearchKeyByValue = tempInputMap.Where(x => x.Value == KeyCode.None).Select(pair => pair.Key).ToArray();
					tempInputMap[SearchKeyByValue[0]] = (KeyCode)Enum.Parse(typeof(KeyCode), Input.inputString, true);
				GUI.Button(new Rect(500-10-100, 50*i+5, 100, 40), "Reset");

Thanks in advance.

It’s documented that this function returns the string that was entered in the current frame. If your user is busy with the mouse, then it’s unlikely that they are entering any string. Maybe you want to capture the last entered string in an Update function and store that for use in your GUI.