Input is too difficult

I’m using a translation, so sorry for any funny sentences.

I’m experiencing an issue with Unity’s new Input System where the OnMove method doesn’t appear in the Inspector under the Player Input component’s Events for the Move action. Despite following the standard setup procedures, including defining the OnMove method in my PlayerController script and ensuring it matches the required signature for input actions, the method fails to be listed as an option for event binding.

Here’s a brief overview of what I’ve done:

  • Created an Input Actions asset with a Move action, configured for keyboard inputs (A and D keys for left and right movement).
  • Added a PlayerInput component to my player GameObject and assigned the created Input Actions asset.
  • Attempted to bind the OnMove method from my PlayerController script to the Move action’s performed event through the Inspector, but it doesn’t appear in the dropdown menu.

I’ve verified that the OnMove method is public and correctly receives an InputAction.CallbackContext as its parameter. Additionally, I’ve tried re-importing assets, restarting Unity, and even testing in a new project, but the issue persists. Before considering it a bug and reaching out for official support, I wanted to consult the community to see if anyone else has faced a similar issue or if there’s a known workaround.

C# is the following

using UnityEngine;.
InputSystem; using UnityEngine.

public class PlayerController : MonoBehaviour
    public float moveSpeed = 5.0f;
    private Vector2 moveDirection =;

    // Input Systemから呼び出される新しいメソッド
    public void OnMove(InputValue value)
        // 移動方向を取得する
        moveDirection = value.Get<Vector2>();

    void Update()
        // 実際にプレイヤーを移動させる
        transform.Translate(new Vector3(moveDirection.x, 0, 0) * moveSpeed * Time.deltaTime); }

If you need any other information, just ask.
Thank you in advance for any insights or suggestions!