Input Manager settings not working with XBox One controller

Under Edit > Project Settings > Input (Input Manager) there are settings setup for handling joystick events, yet Unity is not acknowledging Xbox One controller input. Also, is there an explanation of all the controller buttons and joystick directions better than the cheat sheet at iOS game controller support? It would be helpful to see a full mapping of all the Xbox One controller buttons and stick to their corresponding Unity names. Additionally, it would even be better to encapsulate movement into a Unity collection of objects like UnityEngine.Input.Controllers.Controller[0-z] with property names/values and/or functions for each button/stick. That way we could simply get/set values similar to UnityEngine.Input.Controllers.Controller[0].ButtonA.IsPressed rather than having to know the “joystick button 14” or whatever the equivalent name is. Unity seems to know what controller is attached as I’ve seen the message “Joystick reconnected (“Controller (Xbox One For Windows)”).” displayed in the console window.

Found this helpful article Using an Xbox One Controller with Unity on Windows 10

I’d still like to see some improvements in the Unity Input model in the future though to make this task easier. Having to define 20 inputs in every project to support a commonly used input device is a pain…