Input mapping in project setting lost when build

I went into Edit - Project Settings - Input and removed arrow keys from horizontal and vertical inputs (only keeping WASD keys). After I build stand alone app, the input mapping is lost, and strangely, horizontal and vertical inputs were set to all arrow keys without WASD keys (so different from default mapping too). The web build is find and I have the correct mapping.

The computer I am using is Windows 7 64bit, and Unity editor version is 4.1.5f1.

The funny thing is when I used a Windows 8 64bit computer with same Unity editor version 4.1.5f1 and built the same project, everything worked correctly.

This may sound dumb but did you make sure to save after you made those changes? I’ve totally edited all my inputs and then generated a build without saving and had this very thing happen.

This could be a problem related to storing Build settings separately from Project settings.

Project settings are in your project ProjectSettings folder.

Windows builds create their own branches in Windows registry, under

I haven’t tested this in depth, so YMMV.