Input.mouseposition affected by game scene size

I am trying to position a sprite based off of mouse position. My code:

void Update () 

	X = Input.mousePosition.x;
	Y = Input.mousePosition.y;
	follow.transform.position = new Vector2 (X, Y); 

“follow” is a public Game Object defined earlier in the code.
The code functions almost as expected, except that if I re-size the Game Scene, follow’s center is no longer positioned at the cursor’s position.

At default 16:9 aspect game scene view:

At 16:9 aspect game scene view that is resized:

I’m relatively new to unity so I’m no expert. I’m guessing that this issue is due to the follow sprite being automatically re-sized based off of the game scene while the mouse-position reference is unaffected by the screen size. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Input.mousePosition returns “The current mouse position in pixel coordinates. (Read Only)”. As @maccabbe stated, what you’ll want to use is Camera.ScreenToWorldPoint in order to transform that position into a location in your game world.

void Update()
    Vector3 worldMousePos = Camera.Main.ScreenToWorldPoint(Input.MousePosition);
    follow.transform.position = new Vector2(worldMousePos.x, worldMousePos.y);

Hey there,

Input.mousePosition is “The current mouse position in pixel coordinates”

Try instead this which will convert it to world coordinates.

X = Camera.main.ScreenToWorldPoint(Input.mousePosition).x;