input mouseposition jitter

I am using Input.mousePosition to move the AIM on the screen. While moving I feel some kind of jittery movement, is there a way to fix that? Here is my code

void Update(){
//Aim is the cursor
Aim.transform.position = Input.mousePosition;


Is there a way to use deltaTime with mouse position?

Unsure what could be causing the jitter (unless something else is controlling the mouse) but if you wanted to smooth the inputted mouse position, you could go

public float Damping = 1f;
Aim.transform.position = Vector3.Lerp(Aim.transform.position,Input.mousePosition, Time.deltaTime*Damping);

Then increase/ decrease damping until the smoothing is your liking.

You can use Vector3.Lerp, because Input.mousePosition is a vector3, z is just set to 0.