Input Shift name

Well i just added a sprint script to my character. Now I want to name the shift button onto the input thingy. Amean to go edit-project settings-input.
My problem is this. 1)I read through many tutorials that i need my original name(How to I name this script)
2)How do i name the left shift to actually activate the sprint script?
Ty in advance.Any help will be apreciated.

Inside the script you should have something like this

if (Input.GetButton("Sprint"))

Sprint” is the name of your sprint key you need to setup in Edit->Project Settings->Input

to do so create a new button there or use any existing one you don’t need. In the Name field you put the same name you have in your script - in my situation it’s Sprint. In the Positive Button field write e.g left shift. If you want and alternative button, fill the field called Alt Positive Button with e.g right shift

This is my script(full)

 var maxForwardSpeed     : float = 20.0;

 var maxSidewaysSpeed    : float = 20.0;

 var maxBackwardsSpeed   : float = 10.0;

 var maxSprintSpeed   : float = 30.0;

if (Input.GetButtonDown("Sprint")) 


maxForwardSpeed = maxSprintSpeed ;

maxSidewaysSpeed = maxSprintSpeed ;

maxBackwardSpeed = 0 ;


if (Input.GetButtonUp("Sprint")) 


maxForwardSpeed = maxForwardSpeed;

maxSidewaysSpeed = maxSidewaysSpeed;

maxBackwardsSpeed = 0;

maxSprintSpeed = 0;


I gone the sprint button in edit-project settings - input and i did this:
1)I named the it Sprint
2)I named the positive button “left shift”
What is the problem cause it’s not working at all