Input System 1.7.0 released

Hello Input System users!

The Input Team would like to announce that Input System 1.7.0 has been released!

We would like to highlight the improvements in this version:
- Changed the InputAction constructors so it generates an ID for the action and the optional binding parameter. This is intended to improve the serialization of input actions on behaviors when created through API when the property drawer in the Inspector window does not have a chance to generate an ID
- Now showing a list of Derived Bindings underneath the Binding Path editor to show all controls that matched:

Major bug fixes:
- Fixed issues with generating Precompiled Layouts for devices which are not defined in a namespace
- Fixed an issue where some controls like QuaternionControl could not be included in a Precompiled Layout because the generated code could not access a setter on child control properties.
- Fixed Tracked Pose Driver to use Transform.SetLocalPositionAndRotation when available to improve performance.
- Fixed serialization migration in the Tracked Pose Driver component causing bindings to clear when prefabs are used in some cases

More details about all the improvements and fixes in the package changelog.

Input system 1.7.0 is available starting from:

  • 2021.3.30f1
  • 2022.3.9f1
  • 2023.1.10f1
  • 2023.2.0b7

Or alternatively you can manually specify "1.7.0" in your manifest.json.
And if it's your first time hearing about the input system you can find an introduction in the manual.



It does seem that button assignment UI is broken in this version. Tested this on multiple projects, issue is persistent. 1.6.3 does not have it.


Thank you llentinantl, this bug is already known to us. It was caused by a typo fix to the styling API in the Editor itself while our package was still using the misspelled name. We've fixed it in 1.7.0 for the newer Editor versions yet we didn't foresee older ones remaining broken, so an additional fix has been made. Unfortunately, it didn't make it to 1.7.0 so you'll either have to update your Editor to the latest version or edit this file in the package to get the fix early:

Why aren't there tutorials about the new input system in Unity Learn?

tutorials about the new input system in Unity Learn

More than 3 hours material. I'm not sure about the quality though, never sat through it. (you shouldn't include "new" in search)

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More than 3 hours material. I'm not sure about the quality though, never sat through it. (you shouldn't include "new" in search)
Damn search engine... :hushed:

Thank you! :)

I updated my editor to (2022.3.13f1), but it didn't fix the problem.


Editor 2022.3.15f1 still has this issue.

Manually fixing it doesn't work either:

Import Error Code:(4)
Message: Build asset version error: packages/com.unity.inputsystem/inputsystem/editor/internal/advanceddropdown/advanceddropdowngui.cs in SourceAssetDB has modification time of '2023-12-19T15:33:18.517303Z' while content on disk has modification time of '2023-09-20T03:18:58Z'

Could we get a point release for 1.7.0 for this bug fix? I had to embed the input package and manually apply the fix even on the latest LTS (2022.3.19f1)

It's been 6 months, is getting one typo fixed officially too much to ask? Does the Input System package have a policy of no hotfixes for half a year? Only LTS releases of Unity are recommended for production. Real projects do not upgrade to unstable versions of Unity for simple package hotfixes.

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I have problems learning unity, the new input system does not work with the tutorials, they have the old input system and iam trying to connect the game to android but i cant.

It has nothing to do with the 1.7 release. But, regardless if learning the new input system is too much extra on the top of the other things, you can use the old input manager what is in the tutorials and you will learn the new input system later, when you're confident with the whole Unity thing a little bit more.

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Hmm. Just fallen foul of this, using 2022.3.22f1 -- manually changing the file as suggested doesn't work. Any ETA on the package?

They already have 1.8.1.

Here is how you can install a version of a package specifically: