Input System 'Auto-Switch' option "fixes" my issues

I'm just looking for feedback from others regarding what I am experiencing with the new Input System.

I've been pulling my hair out for several days trying to resolve the problem of various controllers (gamepad, XR, etc) not working in game (mouse/keyboard always seems to work). After much trial and error, I found that enabling the 'Auto-Swicth' option in the Player Input component got all of my controllers working. However, my understanding is that with that option disabled we only use the controller associated with the selected 'Default Scheme'.

So, when I set 'Default Scheme' to 'Gamepad', only those control mappings should be enabled and active. This was not the case for me and instead the gamepad simply did not work (no messages sent). Likewise for XR Controller in VR. However, after enabling 'Auto-Switch' both the gamepad and the XR Controller started working, but I do not understand why.

Is this behavior what others have experienced and, if so, is this normal behavior or a bug?


Perhaps it's a different behaviour for the built game? In any case report a bug if you want to, Unity loves those.