Input System - Detect if key for action was pressed or released

I have a simple setup with one Map and one Action, lets say “Jump” with a binding to “Space”.

Now I want to start a charge up animation on “Press” and do the actual jump on “Release” so I a trigger behavior Press And Release. I added an Subscriber to my Event but I can’t find a way to determine if I am currently in the “Press” or in the “Release” state.

Or should I add two Actions? “Charge” and “Jump”. One with the “Press Only” behavior and the other with “Release Only”

this is what you need to do when choose Press And Release.
First Add Player Input component. And then set Player Input behavior to Invoke Unity Event.
Add function from your script, let say OnJump
This is logic for press and release button:

//Callback for "Space" button
public void OnJump(InputAction.CallbackContext context)
    if (context.started)
        //button is press
    else if (context.cancelled)
        //button is released

You can have a single action (for example “Jump”), and do this:
if (GetButtonDown("Jump")) { //Charge } if (GetButtonUp("Jump")) { //Jump }

Hope this helps!