input.touchCount always zero on windows touch screen device

Hello. Trying to get one block of code working for both iOS/Android and windows touch tablets and laptops. However, Input.touchCount always tosses me a zero, Input.touchSupported says false, and input.multitouch is giving me a true.

Happily, for my application, I can have things deal with only a single touch, so I’m building a layer of code that will check for either mouse or touch, and send transmogrified events to my code.

There should be a better way to do this., but I suspect that I’m just missing the obvious step here.

Code wise, I just want this to work:

void Update()
Debug.Log(“Number of touches:”+Input.touchCount);

And by work, I mean to give me something other than zero on a surface pro windows 10 tablet.


I think you may have to bite the bullet and implement your touches as Pointers through the StandaloneInputModule or PointerInputModule (EventSystem). I haven’t written any Multi-touch specific code but it seems to just work anyway…like some kind of magic. If the magic doesn’t happen for you, you are able to reference pointer ids for manual multitouch.