InputAction field not interactive in Inspector if not bottommost component on GameObject

Unity 2021.3.6f1, Input System 1.3.0

We’ve noticed that the editor UI for InputAction bindings becomes unresponsive if the component with the field aren’t the bottommost component on the game object. Existing bindings are shown (though a blank space is shown instead of the individual bindings of composite bindings), but clicking or double-clicking on them doesn’t open up the editor to edit the bindings.


  1. Create a MonoBehaviour with an InputAction field, and another empty one.
  2. Add both to a new GameObject in an new scene.
  3. Attempt to add or edit bindings on the InputAction field with the two components in a different order on the game object.
  4. Notice that the bindings can only be edited when the input action component is bottommost.

Reproducible by other users on the same project. However, I’m certain we’ve all been using InputActions happily when not the bottommost component recently, with the same Unity version. So it’s easily possible something else local to our project caused this to start happening.

Is this a recognised/known issue?

Tim Page
Infinite Worlds

Ah please disregard the above - I see now it’s pilot error. :slight_smile:

The problem started when we overrode to fix a separate issue according to this post:

// Causing all inspectors in the project to default to UI Toolkit rendering instead of IMGUI
// (note that this will become the default behaviour of Unity in 2022 onwards). This works around
// the issue where Custom Property Drawers that use the CreateInspectorGUI method don't render.