InputField problems on Android


using unity 2019.3.10f1

I hope someone here will be able to shed some light on these issues, as I searched online and I couldn’t find a satisfactory answer.

I an using standard input fields in my game for the user to login. And there is one big issue I am noticing, where the cursor randomly jumps one letter backwards while typing.

So you’d start typing your password for example, then while you are typing, you notice your cursor is actually not at the end but before the last letter, and you are practically typing in the middle of the word, which obviously leads to the log in failing, until you go back and retype.
It happens randomly, sometimes things work fine from the first go. We didn’t notice it in the editor at all, only on android.

Which leads me to my second problem, which is the focus on input fields is so bad, everytime you want to type into a field you need to click twise, if coming from another field, once to clsoe the keyboard and once to open it again for the new field. Is there any way to work around that?

It becomes worse, if you try moving the cursor in the field that you are already typing in (to repair the damage caused by the above mentioned problem).
You click in the field in the hopes of moving the cursor, it doesn’t move but rather you end up closing the keyboard, and there is no way for you to open it again for this specific field, unless you click on another field, click anywhere to close the keyboard, then click on the field again.

Sorry for the long message, but since these might be all related problems, I thought it might be better having them all together. I hope someone will have some answers.

Thank you!

Same problem here… not only happens with password fields @geonak