Inputs don't work in the vertex part of the shadergraph (v0.6.2)

Hi! I’m working on some VFX for a an app which include some transitions among other things and I was hoping to use vertex offsets in the ShaderGraph but it seems that anything linked to the inputs on the vertex side of the graph are removed?

I tested this by creating a working shader that animated the y position over time and added an input multiplier. Everything works as expected in the Editor but both the PlayOnDevice and on the headset the multiplier input not only doesn’t update but it feels like both the input get and the multiplier node were both stripped from the shader as the sine movement works, but if the multiplier was there with a zero value the movement shouldn’t happen.

I was wondering if it was somehow related to the timeline bug and as such would the MarkDirty(Renderer) added in 1.2.3 solve this issue?

This is using 0.6.2 which I’m currently stuck with for but knowing this could be fixed with an update might help my case!

Cheers, Stefan

We’ve made a lot of changes since 0.6.2. Without a repro project, I’m not sure exactly what might be going wrong here, or whether it’s fixed in a more recent version. Feel free to submit a repro case and let us know the incident number (IN-#####) if you want us to investigate your specific issue.

That said, how are you setting the property values? If it’s through a MaterialPropertyBlock, that’s something we only added support for recently (1.2.3), so it definitely won’t work in 0.6.2. Material properties animated via the timeline are effected via MaterialPropertyBlocks, also, so that would apply to them as well.