Inputting a variable into UI Text

Is there anyway to take my score variable and display on a UI Text created in the Hierarchy? Thanks!

Yeah there is, you can access any component from any gameObject.
Since you didn’t tell us are you using old system or new one, I wrote this code for new one :

   GameObject myTextgameObject; // gameObject in Hierarchy
    Text ourComponent;           // Our refference to text component
	void Start () {
        // Find gameObject with name "MyText"
        myTextgameObject = GameObject.Find("MyText"); 
        // Get component Text from that gameObject
        ourComponent = myTextgameObject.GetComponent<Text>();
        // Assign new string to "Text" field in that component
        ourComponent.text = "Hey, I'm some randoms score !!";

If you set myTextgameObject as public, you can drag & drop it in inspector.
This code assumes that you don’t know where is that object so we find it through code.

This is C#, you also didn’t state which language are you using but it should be easy from here with documentation.

P.S. You will need using UnityEngine.UI; before namespace.

HI,If you are working with new UI then in scripting you need to do following

using UnityEngine.UI;  //its a must to access new UI in script
public class YourClass : MonoBehaviour
	public Text Score_UIText; // assign it from inspector
void Start()
   Score_UIText.text = yourscore_variable;