Inputting another scripts variable as a float

Hi! So I’m trying to make my health bar script more efficient. As of right now it does a GetComponent check every frame, which seems unreasonable. So what I’m wanting to know is can I replace a GetComponent by directly accesesing the scripts traits through a public variable? Right now I have

public GameObject owner;

void Update () {
			CurrentHealth = (float)owner.GetComponent<PlayerHealth> ().Health;
			HealthMax =	(float)owner.GetComponent<PlayerHealth> ().MaxHealth;

This script works, but could I replace it with

public Health PlayersHealth;
public MaxHealth PlayerMax;

void Update () {
			CurrentHealth = (float)PlayersHealth;
			HealthMax =	(float)PlayerMax;

If it’s not doable it will be fine, but if I can do this small amount of pollish it would be very relieving.

You could do it this way (assuming that you can just assign PlayerHealth component to this script in the Inspector):

public PlayerHealth playerHealth;

void Update () {
    CurrentHealth = (float)playerHealth.Health;
    HealthMax = (float)playerHealth.MaxHealth;

Alternatively, you could get the playerHealth in Awake:

void Awake () {
    playerHealth = owner.GetComponent<PlayerHealth> ();

This way you’ll only have to call GetComponent once.