Insane error in build that only happens in build, not script execution order I think.

Alright I’ll cut to the chase because I know nobody really cares but Ive driven myself insane trying to figures this out, on build Im getting the following errors in log:

NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
at AudioManager.Play (System.String name) [0x00024] in <26f5608109b14772906790b35c006f2d>:0
at PlayerHealth.Update () [0x00039] in <26f5608109b14772906790b35c006f2d>:0

I have tried everything and followed like 5 separate stack overflow and unity forums things to try to fix this, the bulk of which helped me finally narrow down exactly where the null is however now I cant figure out how to fix it, but I wont go on about every little thing I tried.

First area:

public void Update()
HSN = PlayerPrefs.GetInt(“HIGHSCORE”);
SN = Score.GetComponent().score;

    if (HRegan >= HReganR)
        //area 1
        HRegan = 0;
        HRegan += Time.deltaTime;

Second area:

public void Play(string name)
//area 2
Sound s = Array.Find(sounds, sound => == name);

Im not sure what Im not getting but it works fine up until I try to build, im not sure if Im just not getting it or somethings missing, if anyone has any idea what Im doing wrong or knows how to get this to work I could use the help.