Insantiation problem

Working on trying to get a character model i exported from 3ds max instaniated when a game starts. I been following the PhotonCloud tutorial “Marco Polo”, and I can’t seem to get it to quite work. Every time this code is called or used (once the game/scene practically starts:

void OnJoinedRoom(){
		GameObject monster = PhotonNetwork.Instantiate("lawlzy",, Quaternion.identity,0);

I get this error “Cannot cast from source type to destination type”

Please help.

Doesn’t your instantiate have a lot of parameters?

anyways try adding a cast

(GameObject)PhotonNetwork.Instantiate("lawlzy",, Quaternion.identity,0);

or more info on this:

When you call instantiate, you have to pass the actual object you want to load to the script. Instead of the object, you’re passing the name of it.

You need to use Resources.Load(“lawlzy”) to load the actual object from the resources directory:

  GameObject monster = (GameObject) PhotonNetwork.Instantiate(Resources.Load("lawlzy"),, Quaternion.identity,0);