Insert a Semicolon At the end?

Unity Is Giving me a error with my script.

#pragma strict

// This is where you plug in the GUITextures for the unlocked and the locked states for each level
var level1Unlocked : GUITexture;
var level1Locked : GUITexture;
var level2Unlocked : GUITexture;
var level2Locked : GUITexture;
var level3Unlocked : GUITexture;
var level3Locked : GUITexture;

//These are the actual "buttons" that we use to click on to trigger an action to happen.
//In our case they cause a level to be loaded depending on the collider you click on.
//You will drag the collider button for each level into it's corresponding slot in the inspector.
var level1Collider : GameObject.SetActive();
var level2Collider : GameObject.SetActive();
var level3Collider : GameObject.SetActive();

// This is where we create a variable slot for playerPrefs to plug in the set number for each level once it's won or not won.
// playerPrefs will plug in "0" for a Not Won state and will plug in the level's number for the Won State.
var levelReached1 : int = 0;
var levelReached2 : int = 0;
var levelReached3 : int = 0;

// Let's grab the saved data for each level and grab that integer to use to load that level
levelReached1 = PlayerPrefs.GetInt("SavedLevel1");
levelReached2 = PlayerPrefs.GetInt("SavedLevel2");
levelReached3 = PlayerPrefs.GetInt("SavedLevel3");

function Update () 

    if(levelReached1 == 1) //if we've set the level won to 1 then disable the locked texture and enable the unlocked one
            level1Unlocked.enabled = true; //remember Level1 is always unlocked by default...if not how will anyone play our game?
			level1Locked.enabled = false; = true;
			level2Unlocked.enabled = true;
			level2Locked.enabled = false; = true;
      else if(levelReached1 == 0) //this is our case if the level you just played wasn't won yet.
            level1Unlocked.enabled = true;
			level1Locked.enabled = false; = true;
			level2Unlocked.enabled = false;
			level2Locked.enabled = true; = false;
	if(levelReached2 == 2) //if we've set the level won to 2 then disable the level 3 locked texture and enable the unlocked one
			level3Unlocked.enabled = true;
			level3Locked.enabled = false; = true;
    else if(levelReached2 == 0) //this is our case if the level you just played wasn't won yet.
			level3Unlocked.enabled = false;
			level3Locked.enabled = true; = false;
	if(levelReached3 == 3) //if we've set the level won to 3 then disable the locked texture and enable the unlocked one
          //this is where Level 4 unlock code would go..but we have no Level 4 in this demo! :)
  	else if(levelReached3 == 0) //this is our case if the level you just played wasn't won yet.
	if (Input.GetMouseButtonDown (0)) {
		var ray = Camera.main.ScreenPointToRay (Input.mousePosition); //typical mouse click input
		var hit:RaycastHit;
	if (Physics.Raycast (ray, hit, 20)) {
		if( == "Level1Collider") //this is all of our code for triggering loading levels when a collider is clicked on
		if( == "Level2Collider")
		if( == "Level3Collider")

I Need this Script to make a level select menu but is not working. i cannot find the problem with the script and i need help with this error. thanks

You know the numbers in brackets that go with the error message? Yours say (14, 46).
So that tells you there’s a problem with line 14, column 46.

Take a look at that line. The error message is somewhat misleading because it’s not a missing semicolon that’s the problem, it’s that this is nonsense:

var level1Collider : GameObject.SetActive();

I suspect you intended:

var level1Collider : GameObject;

(as with the other variable declarations on the following lines)