insert semicolon error

Hi guys, ima new to Unity and trying to finish all the tutorials, but there is a error that i don’t know how to fix? Can you guys help me out? It says insert a semicolon which is what i did, but it keep saying it and idk what to do with it :frowning:

alt text

probably missing a close paren " ) " or a close bracket " } "

or maybe you’re missing a semicolon

haha, I fixed it. cuz i choose the Java language instead of C#, but even it says build successful, i just can’t move the player and idk how.

Why don’t you actually INSERT A GOD DAMN SEMICOLON?! A semicolon is this symbol: ‘;’ and is used to end a statement in all top-level coding languages. It should say which line to insert the semicolon at in the error.