inserting prefabs into GameObject

hi, i would to ask, is there any possible to add prefabs into empty game objects programmatically( in run time)

i generated the prefabs like this

var object : Transform[];
function Start(){
function Spawn(){
  yield WaitForSeconds(spawnTime.targettingFrequency);
   var position = Vector3(Random.Range(-13, 13), 40, 100);
    Instantiate (object[], position, Quaternion.identity); 

every object i created i want to add to empty... any help?

Is this what you want?

var aPrefab: GameObject;
var emptyGO: GameObject;
function Start () 
    emptyGO = Instantiate(aPrefab, emptyGO.transform.position, emptyGO.transform.rotation);

Or perhaps you want to set transform.parent?

a snap or diagram or some more info about your question will help to better understand so please be specific and provide something which clearly explain the stuff