Inspector Assigning VS Script Find and Get ?? (efficiency)


As being new to this forum and Unity (sort of), I wanted to ask a first and short question to all of you (nice to be here by the way!):

I am really interested in knowing what is more efficient,

  • Assigning game Objects, through the Inspector?


  • Finding and Getting as, Through Script?? (on the Start of the Monobehavior that is.)

I'm really interested in getting an answer to this. Thank you all in advance.


Don't assign the references at runtime. Instead, assign the references in the Editor, and you get the best of all worlds.

I find assigning objects through scripts easier that via the inspector.

One of the advantages(e.g) when Instantiateing a prefab with a target variable that variable will allways be empty unless you pause the game and put the target into the slot manualy. If you do so through script it will find the target witch is a automated(automatic?) process.

You can also look at it like this. Do you prefere manual or automatic gears in a car? It is a preference / opinion, but I find assigning objects through script has more advantages(automatic).

Oh, and by the way welcome to UnityAnswers :)