Inspector color customization


How can i change my color variables names?


Use a custom inspector (more info here).

Essentially you create a script that derives from Editor (untested sample code):

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEditor;
public class MyClassInspector : Editor
    void OnInspectorGUI()
      MyClass myClassObBeingInspected = target as MyClass;

      // make it red
      GUI.color =;
      myClassObBeingInspected.myVariable = EditorGUILayout.IntField( ... );

      // back to normal
      GUI.color = Color.white;
      // rest of GUI, or just DrawDefaultInspector();

I think he means in the editor (UniScite), to change comments from being green, or the function tag and keywords from blue...

If this is what you mean, than I'd say use another editor, you can change the default editor in Unity (Through Edit>Preferences)...

Then just make it your favorite editor that lets you do such things, then your golden =).