Inspector editable animation curves (without animation curve class please)

Is there a way to get curves that I can edit in the inspector similar to setting the line width for the line renderer? I.e. an editable curve that sits in and is edited through the inspector as opposed to opening a new window.

I know that animation curves are out there (and that is what I am currently using) but I don’t like how ill-defined and hard to read the numbers on the graph are when I open it up to edit, dark grey numbers on a slightly less dark background is a terrible choice.

Additionally, I want to be able to just set the height of the graph by typing it in. With animation curves I have to drag a key frame to the hard-to-read Y value I want (I am working with eulerAngles might I add, so those numbers are going to be far beyond 0 and 1).

Lastly I would like to avoid having to make my own custom editor for this if I can, really hoping there is some other class or attribute I can add to my script to get this really easily.

Thanks for taking the time to read/respond.

You can search for Easing Functions To understand them in a better way

I know that you’re saying to not talk about AnimationCurve, but I’ve found a way to clamp what is shown in the editor and it was really good for my case as I wanted only a Rect of 0-1 values on X and Y.


BTW, I was looking for a way to show the curve editor inside the Inspector. Haven’t find a way yet, guess it’s not possible.