Inspector is all scrambled and unusable

Win 10, and Unity 2020.1.6

My inspector suddenly has gotten scrambled up. This seems to only happen when I’m inspecting a UI Button. if I collapse the button in the inspector, the rest of the object is fine. The best I can get is collapsing everything but the button lets me sorta interact with it, but it wont scroll down or expose the onClick portion of the inspector.

And get several errors for null refrences to UI.Elements, that just goes away when I push play. Maybe my google skills are dull, I cant seem to find any information on either, or anything thats helped me yet.

The only thing I have done different was recently importing AdMob’s plugin. But the errors didnt start right away.

Still looking for some insight on why this happened but may have fixed it.

I renamed the Library folder for my project to make unity rebuild it and that seems to have fixed it… maybe the plugin wasn’t imported correctly?