Inspector Settings not updating

Hello, I’m using GUIkit001.
Having GUI selected in Hierarchy, some settings in Inspector are different when play is off.
When I press play, make changes in Inspector, turn play off, then turn play back on, the Inspector settings are different from what I’ve set.

How can I keep the Inspector settings I’ve set to remain.
Is this a Unity thing or GUIkit001 issue?

Thank you

This is not an issue. This is a Unity feature.

Change on gameobject do not take effect when you do them on run time. It’s design for you to be able to make tweaks at run time.

(Changes on the original prefabs still make a change).

However I am quite sure there should be scripts that enable you to save the setting schanges you do during run time.

In case you’re talking about level statuses: The first time you run a game that uses GUIKit001 the default setting of the levels (available, locked, completed) are written into the playerprefs and from then on they are loaded from the playerprefs and can only be changed by changing the values in the playerprefs.

So if you want to change them afterwards you’ll need to wipe the playeprefs, set the desired values in the inspector and run the game again. (You can wipe all the playerprefs easily by enabling the “flush playerprefs” checkbox on the debugmenu script - in the demo scene it’s on the same gameObject as the StandardGUI script…)