Install failed in MacOS Catalina : undefinedInitializing storage directory

I can't install Unity Accelerator by dmg file.

It will show error as below:

Fetching logs...
Beginning installation.
Usage statistics are disabled.
Removing any previous MacOS accelerator service.
Output from "/bin/launchctl unload /Users/mikotomacmini3/Library/LaunchAgents/com.unity3d.accelerator.plist": "/Users/mikotomacmini3/Library/LaunchAgents/com.unity3d.accelerator.plist: No such file or directory\n"
Error: undefinedInitializing storage directory at: /Users/mikotomacmini3/Library/Unity/accelerator
Enabling ADBV2 caching.
Setting up dashboard account for login "mikoto".
Creating MacOS service.
Unable to create service setting file at: /Users/mikotomacmini3/Library/LaunchAgents/com.unity3d.accelerator.plist error: open /Users/mikotomacmini3/Library/LaunchAgents/com.unity3d.accelerator.plist: no such file or directory
Error: createService error: invalid argument


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Are there any permissions problems with /Users/mikotomacmini3/Library/LaunchAgents? Hmm, actually, "no such file or directory" is probably not permissions. Maybe attempt to mkdir /Users/mikotomacmini3/Library/LaunchAgents and then run the installer? I'm just trying to guess why it may have failed and perhaps the installer expects that directory to already exist.

Yes...the installer could work normally after mkdir ~/Library/LaunchAgents.
I also found similar issue in this post . Looks like this bug has existed for five months.

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This bug has existed for multiple years now.