Installing Unity game in Android emulator


This isn’t exactly Unity related but, I really hope someone could help me out. I’m starting into game development for mobile but, I don’t have a smartphone with Android so I’m using the emulator that comes with the Android SDK.

The problem is, I just can’t install my Unity game in the emulator and I don’t know why. I have the .apk file created by Unity and in the cmd (Im in a windows) I write “adb install example.apk” and it answers “can’t find example.apk to install” I though it could be a problem with the path system variable right? but it is not.

The path variable does have the ools AND the \platform-tools added. I would REALLY appreciate the help!


Here is my .bat file:

D:\Programs\Android\android-studiosdk\platform-tools\adb.exe install D:\someName.apk

All works fine. Android Studio 0.4.2. Also works on Eclipse v22.3.0-887826