Installing Unity Web Player on computers without internet connection

I need to install unity web player on computers without internet connection. I downloaded the installation file. UnityWebPlayer.exe from this site. And installed it on the offline computers. When I try to run the webplayer in the browser the plugin says "Failed to update Unity Web Player. A newer version of Unity Web Player is required, but the auto-update download failed. Was trying to download".

The generated webplayer file has been generated with unity3d 2.x.x, since I currently only have the 2.x.x version. Will update to 3.x.x later. In the html-file 2.x is referenced, but I don't know if and what to change. It is "the standard" generated from the unity3d 2.x.x development environment.

The browser is microsoft internet explorer, os windows. different combinations of ie and os versions no combo is working.

What can I do to solve this? I have not found any information about this.

Best Regards Micke

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