Instance of JsonData Doesn't hold an int even though im typcasting

Hey guys so i’m writing an inventory script passing data using JSON. I started following a guide online however I am casting the same way as him yet I am getting an error.

Here is my script I’m using (on a inventory game object in scene)
using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;
using LitJson;
using System.IO;

public class ItemDatabase : MonoBehaviour {

	//creating a list to hold our database called databse
	private List<Item> database = new List<Item>();
	//creates jsondata object that holds all the data we pull in from the string
	private JsonData itemData;

	void Start()
		//changes json data to a object this is pulling from streaming assets folder in assets from game (Streaming assets does not get built on build) people cant change items
		//works as a dictionary
		itemData = JsonMapper.ToObject (File.ReadAllText(Application.dataPath + "/StreamingAssets/Items.json"));

		//running construct item method
		ConstructItemDatabase ();

		Debug.Log (database[1].Title);

	//set up system to laod data from the json file
	void ConstructItemDatabase()
		//loops through the item data list to add it to the ItemDatabase
		for (int i = 0; i < itemData.Count; i++)
			database.Add (new Item ((int)itemData<em>["id"], itemData_["title"].ToString(), (int)itemData*["value"]));*_</em>

* }*
* }*

//this will hold all the properites of the item ex. stats id name
public class Item
* public int ID { get; set;}*
* public string Title { get; set;}*
* public int Value { get; set; }*

* public Item(int id, string title, int value)*
* {*
* this.ID = id;*
* this.Title = title;*
* this.Value = value;*
* }*
This is my JSON script
* {*
* “id”: 0,*
* “title”: “Shitty Sword”,*
* “value”: “6”*
* },*
* {*
* “id”: 1,*
* “title”: “Steel Gloves”,*
* “value”: “123”*
* }*
I know it was to do with the way I am typecasting in the ConstructItemDatabase() but I dont understand why…
Please help


in your JSON script you’re declaring the int in “value”: between two " "

“value”: “6”
should actually be :

“value”: 6

i made the same mistake and just realized it when i was googling to find the answer xD