"Instancing is not supported". Why?

So I created a project to mess around with DrawMeshInstanced(), and met an error: “Instancing is not supported”.

The materials “Enable instancing” is checked, so I check if instancing is even enabled for this specific project:

    Debug.Log(SystemInfo.supportsInstancing); // Outputs "False"

What does it take to make this say “True”? How did I manage to make it “False”?

It is True in atleast one other project, and I cannot for the life of me figure out why. I’ve tried matching all settings from the project and it still says “False”, so clearly, I’m missing something.

The documentation for SystemInfo.supportsInstancing simply says “Is GPU draw call instancing supported?”, and does not give any hints about how to enable/disable the support for it.

Finally found the answer, through trial, error and just looking everywhere in the editor for anything remotely relevant. In my case, I had to click the following:

Edit → Graphics emulation → “WebGL 2.0”

Why was it set to “WebGL 1.0”? I have no idea, since I surely did not set it there myself.
With “WebGL 2.0” set, the SystemInfo.supportsInstancing now reports “True”, and my mesh is actually being drawn.

Visual solution:

Thank you so much for your self answered, really helped me a lot!!!