Instancing Objects..

Hi Guys. I have few doubts which i would like to ask you. 1. If we create instance objects in 3dsmax and texture them with 1 single shader and 1 texture. Did the placement- for eg: I have 5 Types of Trees which i placed them instance around 50 each in my environment in 3ds max. So total no. of tress becomes 250. So does the max will treat them as only 5. Will this effects the performance than making them copy.?

  1. If i export them as FBX to Unity. That means all 250 tress becomes unique and wont be instance "right" Will this effect the performance. OR should i bring only 5 trees to Unity and do my placement in Unity Only. Rather than having them placed in 3ds max.?:-|

Can anybody clear my doubts regarding putting multiple items of props in game environment Like: Trees, Street Lights, Signage's etc

Another Query: How can we get shadow of an Alpha object in Unity. For eg: Railings or Window grill (Alpha Used)

Looking desperately to get this sort out.

Thanks Aditya.

Take a look at prefabs in Unity. You should also think of using 3DS Max as just a modeler and do your world building in Unity instead.

Thanks HellCats,

Object/Props placement in max is more easy and accurate than placing then in Unity. For example i have to place streetlight poles on roads of approx 12KM, To do this i am using Snapshot in 3dsmax. So if you have to place 200 street lights in Unity what/how would you do.?

One more query, combining objects are more preferable or keeping them separate makes performance better. For example: Street Lights, Props of similar types etc. Or make then in small combined groups.

How can we get shadow from alpha in Unity 3d. eg: on Window Grills etc

Regards, Aditya.