Instanitate Object with predefined script transforms

I know of no other way to word this question, then how i have. When instantiate a object, i want it to instantiate with it's scripts, and to have the Transforms i set in the script to be already set. By this, i mean i want to be able to spawn a enemy who, as soon as spawning, will know his target is the player. So any help would be appreciated.

simply create a GameObject and add all scripts that you want to it and set all values to what you want. then create a prefab in menu assets/create/prefab. drag your gameObject to the prefab and delete the gameObject. now use this prefab for instantiation. in the script that you want to instantiate the enamy define a variable like

var enamy:GameObject;

in the inspector drag the prefab to this variable in the GameObject that has this script attached. then use the Instantiate method to spawn the enamy where you want. if the initial position should be defined in code you ca do that in Awake or Start functions.