Instansiate an object from an object

There is a script attached to a sphere prefab, in it there is a OnMouseDown event

 void OnMouseDown()
	 Camera.mainCamera.backgroundColor = this.gameObject.renderer.material.color;
	 AudioSource.PlayClipAtPoint(audioClip, transform.position);
	 Destroy (this.gameObject);

so, by clicking on the ball the backgorund change to the ball’s color (which is randomly picked on the awake event).

Now, i want to create smaller balls by clicking the, lets say 4 of them in the position of the clicked ball, the method craeting the balls look like that:

void CreateSmallerBalls()
	GameObject go = Instantiate(this.gameObject, this.gameObject.transform.position, Quaternion.identity) as GameObject;
	if (go != null)
		Debug.Log ("Been Created");

its seems like i cant create the same prefab using the code above, can anyone help please?

Try creating a prefab var like

public GameObject myBalls;

Then dragging your ball to that slot and using the myBalls var instead.

like so.

GameObject go = Instantiate(myBalls,transform.position,transform.rotation) as GameObject;

Also, are you getting any errors?