Instantiate a object after destroying a instantiated object.

Hello you all!

I am working on a snake alike game, just to get the feel for game development!

I have gotten a kind of apple spawn at a random location every time the game starts. It workes great, but when i destroy the object i collide with (apple) so it kinda picks it up or eats it, after that i dont know how to instantiate ONLY one more apple at a random location, and then repeat the proces.

Can you please help me and i will be greatful :)


function Update () {
var appleTarget = GameObject.FindWithTag("Apple");

if( appleTarget == null )


function SpawnOneApple()
   //Put code for spawning an apple here...

This'll always make sure one apple is on the board, because if one is gone, it spawns one, but if their is one their, then appleTarget isn't null...

Hope that helps =).