Instantiate a prefab that has rigidbody cause infinite clones

When i try to instantiate a prefab without rigidbody component, everything works well. But with same script and in same conditions i cant use instantiate for prefab with rigidbody. It just keep creating infinite clones of prefab.

void DropItems()
        for  (int i = 0; i < 3; i++) {
            Instantiate(dropItem, dropSpawnPoints*.position, Quaternion.identity);* 

in Update()
if (health <= 0)
Shortly; i have a parent empty gameobject with this script and there is a tree as child of it. When i break the tree in game it drops 3 wood pieces (prefab without rigidbody). But when i add rigidbody to same wood piece prefab, its getting crazy and throws infinite clones. How can i make it work together with rigidbody component ?

You tell it to instantiate if health is less than or equal to 0, as long as health is less than 0 it will continue you to instantiate. You need to set other restrictions, I see you set transform.GetChild(0).gameObject to false after drop items, so maybe add that to the check?

if (health <= 0 && transform.GetChild(0).gameObject.activeSelf)