Instantiate a prefab with script variable values individual to the object

I’ve been researching this for a while but I have not found anything or any way to accomplish this.

Basically I have some bullet prefabs which get instantiated every time the user fires the guns. The problem is when this happens, these bullet prefabs have a script attached which determines when they get destroyed. They share values between every object. I need them to disappear/destroy themselves when they have reached the end of their individual lifespan or range.

My research turned up these two answers, one of which was almost exactly what I needed but the answer that person received did not work for me.

The one that would have worked:

and the other resource I found:

The first one which was almost helpful tried this code:

 GameObject NewBasicStarPrefab =(GameObject) Instantiate(BasicStarPrefab, position, Quaternion.identity); = "BasicStar"; // Rename the clone to BasicStar
// Access the clones script and send some variables to it

So then I tried the SendMessage function to call a function in my script attached to the prefab but it did not achieve what I needed.

This is my DestroyBullet2 C# script:

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class DestroyBullet2 : MonoBehaviour {
	public float LIFESPAN;
	public float WEAPON_RANGE;
	public float distanceTraveled;
	public float timeCreated;
	public float timeAlive;
	public float rateOfMovement;

	public void SetValues() { //The function which should have reset the values when called from another by SendMessage()
		distanceTraveled = 0.0f;
		timeCreated = Time.time;
		timeAlive = 0.0f;

	void Start () {
		timeCreated = Time.time; //Store the time this object was created at.
	void Update () {
		/* Scripts if attached to a prefab do not have separate/individual variable values! 
		 * They pass the same values the last one had, along with it!  */

		//I need to store the time since the object was created. When the time since creation exceeds LIFESPAN then destroy it.
		timeAlive += Time.deltaTime;  //Update the timeAlive variable
		distanceTraveled = Time.time * rateOfMovement; //Compute distance traveled
		if ( (Time.time - timeCreated) > LIFESPAN || distanceTraveled > WEAPON_RANGE) { //If time since creation is greater than the LIFESPAN, 
			//OR the distance traveled is greater than the range we destroy the object.
						Destroy (gameObject);
			print ("Destroyed Object. Time was: " + Time.time + " and the difference is: " +  (Time.time - timeCreated) + "  Distance traveled was: "  + distanceTraveled );


1st, in your DestroyBullet2 there is not SetStarNumber and SetStarType function, which it’s unclear on what you wanna achieve.

2nd, don’t use SendMessage when you know we component you working with, but:

NewBasicStarPrefab.GetComponent<DestroyBullet2> ().SetValues (distanceTraveled , timeCreated, timeAlive );

last, your DestroyBullet2 has Start() which is always run after Instantiate (i.e. SetStarNumber and SetStarType functions)

other than that your script looks fine, a bullet always get destroyed at LIFESPAN seconds after its instantiate