Instantiate a random prefab at an objects location

I wrote a script to instantiate a prefab in place of a destroyed object and it works just fine, but now I want that same code to randomly choose from one of four prefabs. I would prefer to not define the prefabs in the script itself, and leave it to be defined through public GameObject’s, just like it already is. I need the script to stay as universal as possible so it can be used on all destructible objects, only requiring me to replace the prefabs each time it’s added to a new object. I’m just drawing a blank, I know it’s a simple solution, I just can’t think of how to do it for the life of me. Thanks in advance.

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class Destructible : MonoBehaviour {

	public GameObject debrisPrefab;
	public GameObject debrisPrefab1;
	public GameObject debrisPrefab2;
	public GameObject debrisPrefab3;
	public float destroyImpact = 20.0f;

	void OnCollisionEnter( Collision collision ) {

		if( collision.relativeVelocity.magnitude > destroyImpact ) {

	void DestroyMe() {
			if(debrisPrefab) {
			Instantiate(debrisPrefab, transform.position, transform.rotation);

An example of the code use is:
This code is attached to a brick wall, which is then destroyed. I then have 4 different “destroyed_brick_wall_number” prefabs I want the engine to choose from when replacing the original “brick_wall” object. I currently have it set to use “destroyed_brick_wall_1” in this example and it works fine; but every destroyed wall looks the same. I want them to look different upon destruction, at least a little bit.

using System.Collections.Generic;


public List<GameObject> debrisPrefabs;


GameObject fab = debrisPrefabs[Random.Range(0,debrisPrefabs.Count)]
Instantiate(fab, .....);

You probably want to create an array of GameObjects that you would then use Random.Range to randomly choose one. So something like:

public GameObject[] debrisPrefabs;

With this to randomly instantiate one:

Instantiate(debrisPrefabs(Random.Range(0, debrisPrefabs.Length), transform.position, transform.rotation);

it’s simple im not going to write the code for you but im going to tell you how to achieve ur goal,so there are 4 prefabs so make a int randomNum = Random.Range(1,4)
then make a switch statement if randomNum == 1 then instantiate prefab 1 if 2 the 2nd and so