Instantiate an object with same rotation

I need to instantiate a cylinder but it has a rotation of 90 degrees on the X-axis, so it looks like a log. When it spawns, it start to roll. I can’t figure out how to instantiate it and then have it have its rotation. Also, I saw a trick where if you put the object in an empty game object and instantiate the empty one, it will keep its rotation, however, it gets really confusing and I’d rather not do that. Can anyone get me a solution?

Inside the instantiate method, you can specify both the position and rotation of the object you are instantiating.

Instantiate(theGameObject, thePositiion, theRotation);

The rotation will be specified with a Quaternion.

How would I write it? I am new to coding so I am not sure how to do it. I need the rotation to be 90 on the X, and 0 on the z and y.