Instantiate array of prefabs


I have created 3 prefabs which are platforms vary in size, position and rotation. Now i want to instantiate the prefabs in such a way that one prefab should appear at the end of another prefab. Presently i have created prefab and parented to the empty GameObject with (0,0,0) position. Please help…

You could reference each of the objects positions and instantiate them based on the one that was instantiated before it.
public GameObject prefab1;
public GameObject prefab2;
public GameObject prefab3;

public transform transformPrefab1;
public transform transformPrefab2;
public transform transformPrefab3;

offset = new Vector3(transformPrefab1.x - 10, transformPrefab1.y - 10, transformPrefab1.z -10);
//once you instantiate your first object, you should be able to reference the others with an offset
instantiate(prefab2, transformPrefab1.position - offset, transformPrefab1.rotation);

this is untested, but the general idea of what I would do. But I don’t know what exactly you are trying to accomplish. Hope it helps.