Instantiate as child of a child

Im trying to instantiate object as child of child.
I got this hierarchy
Player root - body - legPoint
Script on the Player and i need to instantiate as legPoint child. All i got for now - instantiating as body child this way

public class robotBody : MonoBehaviour 
    GameObject leg1;
    GameObject leg2;
    public Transform legPoint;
	void Start () 
        leg1= (GameObject)(Resources.Load("leg1"));
        leg2 = (GameObject)(Resources.Load("leg2"));

	void Update () 
        if (Input.GetKey(KeyCode.Alpha1))
            (Instantiate(leg1, legPoint.transform.position, 

``Quaternion.identity) as GameObject).transform.parent = legPoint.parent;



this is my hierarchy, i need to instantiate it attached to LegPoint, but works only if im trying to instantiate it to summonPoint.