Instantiate coming up with errors for unknown reasons

I have a script that declares this function:

static var targeter = null;

public function beginTarget(targtype:String,targrange:int,targAoE:int):void


 if (targtype == "Projectile")
	 targeter = Instantiate(ProjectileTargeter,transform.position,transform.rotation);


For some reason, it comes up with this error:

(9,41): BCE0005: Unknown identifier: ‘ProjectileTargeter’.

I have a prefab ProjectileTargeter. Why is it coming up with that error? That’s exactly how previous examples in Unity Scripting documentation have presented Instantiate being used…


Instantiate does not read the names of your prefabs. You have to do

var projectileTargeter: GameObject;

And pull your ProjectileTargeter-Prefab into the slot in the editor.

Or you put the ProjectileTargeter-Prefab in your resources-folder and use Resources.Load(), but that’s slowish

Please use error-codes as tag.

Greetz, Ky.