Instantiate creates more than one object (HoloLens)

Hey there!

I’m working with the HoloLens right now and I’m trying to instantiate an object on button press (floating UI) in front of the player. If I press the corresponding button, the 3 Objects appear instead of one. Also, when I try to instantiate an onther object, 3 new Objects appear in the place of the last object placed. Had anybody had a similar problem? Or maybe has the Idea how to fix this?

Here is my Code:

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;

public class MenueEvents : MonoBehaviour {

    public GameObject objectA;
    public GameObject objectB;
    public void spawnObjectA()
        Instantiate(objectA, Camera.main.transform.position + (Camera.main.transform.forward * 2.0f), objectA.transform.rotation, GameObject.Find("HoloCollection").transform);


    public void spawnObjectB()
        Instantiate(objectB, Camera.main.transform.position + (Camera.main.transform.forward * 2.0f), objectB.transform.rotation, GameObject.Find("HoloCollection").transform);


I fixed a part of it:
The programm stopped to instantiate three object, after I deleted the “Parent”-component of the Instantiate method.

But still no idea, why the new object appears inside the last one. …