Instantiate game object at a specific location

OK, Still can't seem to get this to work!

I have my UFO that takes off from a hill top and bout midway through the flight through animation events I have a mid-air explosion that knoks the UFO off trajectory so it crashes on the otherside of a hill range... all works wonderfully right down to the Instantiated UFO dead replacement wreck .... Mmmm Lovely ;)

Now what I'm trying to do is add another Animation event that will drop off an "Alien Artifact" at an exact location (Which is very close to the crashed and wrecked UFO)

I thought I might be on the right track with how I was coding it but I'm not. so if someone could take a look at my script and point me in the right direction that would be great.

Edit UPDATED CODE With Comment tags:

var explosion : GameObject;
var wreck : GameObject;
var artifactTarget : Transform;

function ExplodeUFO() //Animation Event that creates the mid air explosion
        Instantiate(explosion, transform.position, transform.rotation);

function KillSelf () { // Animation Event that replaces the UFO with the wrecked UFO & alien corpse
        yield WaitForSeconds(3);
        var wreckClone = Instantiate(wreck, transform.position, transform.rotation);

function dropArtifact () { //Animation Event that is SUPPOSED to drop of the Alien Artifact object that the player
                                    // can pick up

    var artifactPosition = Vector3(276.7286, 5.241356, 963.852);
    var artifactRotation = Vector3(270, 0,0);

    var Artifact01 = Instantiate(alienArtifact artifactPosition.position, artifactRotation.rotation);

    print("Artifact created");

Is this legal syntax?

x == 276.7286, y == 5.241356, z == 963.852

I've never seen that. Perhaps single = signs, but I'd just assume use

 transform.position + Vector3(276.72,524.13,963.85)

Suspect your issue may be with

var Artifact01 = Instantiate(alienArtifact, transform.position. x == 276.7286, y == 5.241356, z == 963.852, transform.rotation. x == 270, y == 0, z == 0);

The syntax is bad :(

I'd go for setting up some artifactPosition and artifactRotation variables eg:

var artifactPosition = Vector3(276.7286, 5.241356,963.852);
var artifactRotation = Vector3(270, 0,0);

var Artifact01 = Instantiate(alienArtifact, artifactPosition.position, artifactRotation.rotation);

Alterantively create a new transform var for the inspector eg place the following at the top of your script.

var artifactTarget:Transform;

Then create an empty game object, position it and rotate it at your desired artifact position and then drag and drop the object onto this field. Also replace the code I highlighted earlier with:

var Artifact01 = Instantiate(alienArtifact, aritfactTarget.position, artifactTarget.rotation);