Instantiate gameObject in custom position don't work

I everyone!
I’ve the following code in a script inside a GameObject called “build_spawnwer”

helicopter = (GameObject)Resources.Load("prefab/helicopter", typeof(GameObject));

Vector3 incremet_pos = new Vector3(0, 7.5f);

Vector3 copter_pos = this.transform.position + incremet_pos;

Instantiate(helicopter, copter_pos, Quaternion.identity);

The problem is that the prefab “helicopter” isn’t create in the position that I indicates at the second param of the Instantiate method but is instantiate in the “build_spawner” position…

I’ve no more prufs to do… Please help me! thanks

Good day.

I responded you this question some days ago…

You have your helicpter prefab stored with a position different to 0,0,0 So, take your profeab and change its position to zero.

The other thing is you can do this:

GameObject NewHelicopter = Instantiate(helicopter, copter_pos, Quaternion.identity);
NewHelicopter.transform.position = copter_pos;


I found the solution… I had an animation clip attached to the gameobject, so that didn’t allow to personalize the position of the GO.