Instantiate new "players" in a sub folder in Hierarchy view | Unity networking with Vuforia

I am using Vuforia for creating a basic multiplayer AR project. My immediate requirement is to display multiple players in the same scene - each player is to be controlled by a separate device connected to the same network.

My current Hierarchy view is like this:

Initial Hierarchy view - using Vuforia

According to Vuforia, all assets to be rendered should go under ImageTarget. I have a player prefab which basically contains the UnityChan character along with a small player movement script (tap/ click to move to a point). The network manager is responsible for instantiating player for each device (i.e. “client” or connection) from that prefab.

Network Manager

However the player objects are created in the root folder in Hierarchy view. So they are never visible in the actual AR scene. Here’s the hierarchy view during “play” mode (2 devices connected) -
Hierarchy view - during play mode; 2 connections

So my question is: how can I instantiate the “players” inside the ImageTarget folder instead, so that they are visible in my AR scene?

First of all, ImageTarget is a GameObject not a folder.

So, in your Player script you must get a reference to the transform of ImageTarget in order to assign it as a parent to each Player.
e.g. if ImageTarget has a tag “ImageTarget”, in Awake() use Transform imageTargetTransform = GameObject.FindWithTag("ImageTarget").transform;.

Then use the SetParent() method for the Player’s transform. So, inside the Player’s script Awake(): transform.SetParent(imageTargetTransform, false) //false for using imageTargetTransform.position rather than the world position before reparenting. If you want to keep the world position use true