Instantiate panel background not showing

I’m making an app to help-me with my RPG sessions.
So i want to make multiple character sheets available to me at the same screen
but when i try to instantiate a UI prefab the backgound just vanish.

This is the code that i am using

	GameObject newWindow = Instantiate (enemyWindow, new Vector3(640,300,0), Quaternion.identity) as GameObject;
	newWindow.transform.parent = GameObject.Find("Canvas").transform;

This is what happens.

Sorry for any mistake in the post. (and english)
Its the first question that i’m making here and this is the first program that i’m making.

I was able to find an answer.

Somehow when i use
newWindow.transform.SetParent(parentObject.transform, false);
instead of
newWindow.transform.parent = GameObject.Find(“Canvas”).transform;

It works
I don’t know why since i’m noob in programming but when i assign the canvas to the parentObject and use the first way the Background shows normally.